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Multi-axis Absolute Position Sensors

MAPS simultaneously measures one to a full six position dimensions, 6DoF, at one point in space with phenomenal accuracy using a single, tiny sensor-head. Drastically reducing Abbe and other errors, MAPS will revolutionise mechatronics. The patented system includes a patterned scale (a metrological reference or map) which is key to its sensitivity and practically unlimited resolution down to picometre, nanoradians levels. All this without cumbersome lasers. System combinations are available at value points covering diverse applications including metrology, machine tools, microscopy, nanotech, robotics, and more. This extraordinary new technology is performance proven and traceable to world-renowned metrology labs.


  • Measure all 6 axes simultaneously
  • Unrivalled subatomic resolution
  • Unparalleled scalable accuracy
  • Amazingly compact and easy to use
  • Laser-less – unaffected by air conditions
  • Totally different first dimension to 6DoF


  • Deep error analysis, qualification, and calibration
  • Cosine, Abbe, scaling, play, runout, out-of-plane…
  • CNC/CMM: sophisticated all-axis accuracy testing
  • Microscope stages: QA and mapping, super-resolution
  • Nanotech nonlinear off-axis measurement/mitigation
  • Semiconductor: pico-scale resolution and repeatability