Anemos has a patent pending approach for absolute simultaneous measurement in multiple dimensions at sub-micron resolutions More

Our mission: liberate machines from their kinematic chains


Absolute measurement
using optical scales.

Anemos Technology calculates absolute accuracy in multiple dimensions to the sub-micron and ±μradian level.

If you use traditional linear encoders, or interferometers or closed-loop feedback for your sub-micron measurement, get in touch.

We use electronics to simplify mechanics. We favour massively parallel analog optics and digital processing over the fragility of interferometers.

The team

Measuring small things

Jim Dallas


Project management for consumer and industrial imaging products. Math/engineering background with AI computer vision and image sensors

Richard Aras


Three decades in management, design and technology as an entrepreneur. Chip architect, inventor, electronics and materials engineering. Patented the core approach

Jerry Evans


Systems architect/developer. Designed and implemented reliable innovative systems including vision, audio, fintech, trading systems on many PC and embedded platforms.


Optics mechanical math/software sales/marketing

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